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Welcome to the biggest Bridgette Andersen Fansite on the internet. Here you can find pictures, forum and a lot of other Bridgette Andersen related stuff. Feel free to sign the guestbook and sign up for the forum. There is also a gallery which is "View only".

New Pictures in Gallery

Hey just wanted to let you all know I add Pictures from Bridgette’s made for TV Movie The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. (1984) I was only able to find the first 10 minutes of it but anyways if you have time check out the new Pictures I added :)

New Facebook Page!

We just made a Memorial Facebook Page for Bridgette :)

Feel free to join it at the link below


Welcome To The New & improved site!

Welcome To Bridgetteandersen.net We just got a new Site Layout, and New Gallery Theme if you have time go check it out It looks really Awesome! also We got a new Forum up as well

BridgetteAndersen.net Returning

Hi everone!


Just a short update here, we are in the process of getting this website back to life. It has been dorment for quite a while now so i think its time to get to work!

I do not have that many updates for you just now part from the forum is back online and i had to disable the guestbook for now since it was all spammed out, but will add a new one very shortly.


Dont forget to check out the gallery which has pictures from almost every performance Bridgette ever did!


Will get back to you with more info soon

Stay tuned!

Some more news!

Hi everyone

Sorry i havent written any news lately, been so busy with this site, it takes alot of my time!!! but every minute is worth it,m and KAtie, my assistant Administrator are doing a great job helping me out :)

Ive fixed the guestbook, and the gallery is getting bigger and bigger and the forum is also starting to expand abit, i hope to see you on the forums very soon!!!

I will try to update here on the front page as often as i can, again im very sorry for the lack of updates!


New Fan Video!

My good friend Katie just made a new tribute video to Bridgette :)

New Fan Music Video’s

I made this video honoring Bridgette a few days ago :)





Welcome to the site!

Hi everyone :)

Welcome to Bridgette Unofficial Fansite! We are at the moment busy with updating the links and get all in place.

Only 2 links that are working now is the forum and the gallery



I will update this post as soon as ive done some more improvements to the site, at the moment there is still alot of stuff that has to be done :)


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Welcome to the new Bridgette Andersen Memorial Page :) ...

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